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Our well known restaurant offers 4 different areas to fit your specific needs, all with the excellent service provided by our staff.

Open-Air Area: From breakfast time all the way to 12:00 am. you can enjoy this area situated by the swimming pool. Built with natural teakwood logs, this country style area is warmed with the barbecue charcoal which invites our guests to try the typical country barbecue (parrilla llanera). It holds up to 70 people.

Air-Conditioned Area: If your preference is the formality or the comfort of the air conditioning, we encourage you to come in and see by yourself the main hall which opens at noon, where you will enjoy the Traditional Dishes of the Creole Cuisine as Picadillo, the famous Barbecue Creole prepared in firewood, as well as International Dishes such as Seafood Rice, Paellas, Fish y Seadfood, also Pasta, Poultry and Meat in general.

You can always come to “The Bar” where you will be served by our barmen, who are always in the right mood to talk while you wait for your friends, or just enjoy a great TV program, or listen to your favorite music having a drink of your preference. This area holds up to 150 people.

Pools-Area Relax: If rest and relax are the priorities, you can enjoy the canopied tables scattered along one side of the crystal-clear water of the refreshing Swimming Pool.

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